Second Opinion

Do you need an expert opinion of a candidate or already have an employee that you would like to have a second opinion on for a new position within the company?

With our second opinion service Level can help you with this.

Sometimes a second opinion can give a new perspective on the relevant candidates’ skills, experience and personal aspects. You can use this service both with new hires as well as reorganization and promotions. Within Level’s Second opinion the following parts are included:

Analysis of the position
The recruitment consultant will make an analysis of the specific position together with the hiring manager to be able to get an understanding of the criteria and skill set required for the role.

Personal interview
We will conduct a personal interview with the candidate, evaluating the CV, personal skills, experience and personality during a situation-based interview.

Test or reference
OPQ is a frequently used personality test. It works very well as a complement in regards to positions with staffing experience. Alternately you can select reference instead to get a natural view of the candidate.

Feedback will be oral or written to you together with a summary of the interview.