Part of the Process

Are you handling the recruitment of your new employees, and might need support in this process?

Level offers the possibility to get support with chosen parts of the recruitment process. For example we can offer support within:

A selection of the applications will take place were we match competence, experience, and personality with the job specification that you as a client have presented to us.

Level will handle all communication through e-mail and telephone with the candidates during the ongoing process.

Telephone interview
We will conduct a short interview buy phone to make sure that the criteria you as a client have specified.

Personal interview
We will conduct a personal situation-based interview with a recruitment consultant. We will focus on personality, experience and background. A written or verbal summery will be given to you.

To get a neutral picture of the candidate we will contact a set number references.

Level also offers tests and advertisements options to you. We tailor-make a cost efficient solution that will fit you and your company based on your specific needs and requirements.