Words from the CEO

Level has high ambitions!

As you may already have read in the “About Level” section, Level strives to contribute with innovative ways of thinking in the recruitment line of work. To be the best, I as the CEO must set high expectations on myself and my employees. Setting these expectations isn’t too difficult, due to the fact that the employees at Level always strive to perform to the best of their abilities. This is a given for us.

This also means that sometimes, we may ask a lot of you as a customer or as a candidate. By pushing certain limits, I aim to achieve better results, which in turn equates to extraordinary quality in the service you receive. We know for a fact that the result is a faster and more cost-efficient process. This benefits you as a customer and benefits those who apply for a position through Level Recruitment.

Level doesn’t try to be like others. We don’t want to copy or be similar to other players on the market – we would rather they strived to be like us. Then and only then can we begin to measure our success. To achieve this, we will continue to make you as a customer or candidate satisfied to the best of our ability. And if this weren’t the case, we want to know about it. It means we have a chance to improve, so don’t hesitate to give us feedback, be it positive or negative.

Patrik Smith, CEO