Ethical Guidelines

The measures Level has taken within diversity and ethics ensure that an individual’s rights, duties and possibilities are equal regardless of sex, sexual preference and ethnic background. There is zero tolerance for sexual harassment and nobody will be treated differently based on their sex, sexual preference, ethnic background or disability.

Level is of the strong opinion that all people should be treated equally, also when it comes to the recruitment process and other services that Level performs for its’ customers. Similarly, all people are treated equally when applying for work at Level. This applies for anything from handling applications to the interviews and tests that Level perform. The purpose of this is to ensure that the most suitable person for the role is selected fairly.

Level’s employees are required to treat all candidates based on their competence – regardless of their background.

Level promotes diversity through the use of hiring policies that value diversity. Level makes sure that its’ employees, potential employees, candidates and customers are treated fairly and equally and suited to their competence and skills.

Level heavily condemns discrimination, stalking or harassment based on sex, ethnic background, nationality, sexual preference, religion, age and disabilities.

The résumés of candidates are handled with discretion in our database and according to Swedish law. As a candidate, you can be assured that your details are handled with professionalism and to a level of ethical correctness.