How do you get the specialist of the future to work at your company?

The IT sector has the highest labour movement amongst specialists on the market. The hip and trendy companies attract driven entrepreneurs and developers with exciting projects and high salaries. Does your company have what it takes to attract this competence?

Future technology and IT systems inspire many specialists to be on the forefront of the hunt in creating the next generation of IT solutions.

Within this sector there will always be high demand for knowledge and competence, regardless of whether it is in development, structure, storage or sales. Are you looking for an expert within IT recruitment?

Level has the ability to adjust to the fast moving market and can help you attract the best competence on the market.

Level recruits from within:

  • Infrastructure
  • System development
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Storage and sales

Example of positions: IT-managers, Application Architects, Database Developers, Web Developers, Application Developers, Operational Managers, System Architects, System Administrators, Project Leaders, Technicians, Product Managers, Application Consultants, Product Specialist, Pre-sale, Designers.