Industry & Retail

High demands on renewable energy and organic products are big challenges for many companies. How do you make your processes more efficient to maximize production without using more natural resources?

Global warming and nuclear power are heavily debated subjects. Regardless of your opinion, we all gave to work to achieve a sustainable development and environment for the coming generations.

We help companies to take the next step towards sustainable development by recruiting individuals with the required specialist competence. The world is a more globalized place than ever, which increases mobility on the markets. Subsequently, this means that you as an employer has to be on the forefront of finding solutions to this challenge. The demand for specialist knowledge is higher within technics and engineering positions where the demand for international experience is higher.

In the industry sector, Level recruits within telecom, transport, energy and process industry, with everything from specialists within water, electricity and nuclear power to engineers focused on CAD and R&D.

Within the retail sector, we work with everything from positions in logistics and supply to manufacturing and sales, both within consumer retail and wholesale.

Examples of positions: Electronic Engineers, Constructors, Project Engineers, Project Leaders, Process Engineers, CAD-engineers, Developers, Research Leaders.