Human Resources

Core value of the company or an administrative resource?

The views on HR-departments differ from company to company.

Who makes sure that everyone is working towards the same goals and values as well as focusing on the most valuable asset to a company – the staff?

Working with people is amongst the most rewarding tasks, but also one that poses great challenges. Not knowing how the day will end is part of the job and the joy of working with people. Imagine helping colleagues develop with your knowledge and skills and observing as people grow as individuals and reach new heights! What could be more rewarding? This can be the driving force of the company’s development, but also a big challenge.

With a constantly evolving market, there is a lot of focus on understanding the staff and how they strive for the company. Level has the understanding and the ability to help you and your company to find the right people to tackle this challenge.

Level also recruits individuals who specialize in compensation & benefits, recruitment, employer branding, payroll, pensions and employment law.

Examples of positions: HR-Managers, HR Business-partners, HR-Assistants, HR-coordinators.