Construction & Property

Build and maintain for the future.

Looking to the future, large demands are put on developing the infrastructure and the environmental focus in the real estate sector. In a sector that is constantly changing, you will have to be ahead of the competition. How will you find the right people to be able to contribute within infrastructure, new housing and maintenance? The pressure on companies is rising, which leads to increasing demand for niched competence.

Level focuses on three different areas:

  • Building & Infrastructure
  • Property
  • Technology

Attracting the right competence within these areas requires a large network and experience in searching. Level recruits competence within project management and production, real estate and maintenance as well as technical consultancy. We also work within retail, development and facility management.

Examples of positions: Property Directors, Commercial Property, Property Managers, Leasing Agents, Investment Managers, Asset Managers, Technical Consultants, Site Managers, Analysts, Estate Surveys, Maintenance Managers, Surveyors.